NMDC Energy Supplier Prequalification System is an online registration and prequalification tool which will allow interested Suppliers to register themselves for prequalification process with NMDC Energy.
The main objective of the prequalification process is to establish and build a suitable and capable bidder list with products and/or services needed by NMDC Energy and ensure that their standards are consistent with NMDC Energy requirements, engineering standards, HSE & Quality management systems and business objectives with following key points:
The Online Registration tool will:

Allow suppliers to submit their requests electronically over the internet
Allow NMDC Energy concerned parties to review, comment, and approve the prequalification requests electronically
Reduce the time taken to review supplier's documents
Allow NMDC Energy concerned parties to track the status of any submitted supplier's document
Keep an electronic history of all supplier's records, easy to retrieve and use
Make it easy for all supplier's to update their profiles
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