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What We Do
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What We Do
NEL provides complete design and engineering services for the onshore and offshore Oil and Gas industry in India and abroad. We have experience in a variety of scales and types of onshore and offshore projects, and our projects involve multidiscipline scopes related to process, structural, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, safety, and subsea pipelines.

Our range of projects include:
Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for New Fixed Platforms and Upstream Facilities.
Detailed design and engineering for new wellhead platforms, smart wellhead platforms, electrical distribution platforms, tie-in platforms. NEL has experience of design and engineering of 45+ offshore platforms at a time.
Detailed design and engineering for complex topsides modifications on process platforms and wellhead platforms.
Detailed design and engineering for subsea pipelines, cables, umbilicals, and Subsea PLEM
Design and engineering of packages such as H2S mitigation, gas dehydration, dew point control, phase separation and stabilization, IA/UG compressor, etc.
Engineering for installation of jacket, deck, riser, subsea pipeline, and PLEM.
Transportation analysis such as launch / lifting, load out, etc.
Design and engineering of birthing jetty and associated product pipelines.

NEL has a team of experienced engineers with a proven track record in delivering successful projects. NEL is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service and meeting their requirements.
NEL strives to automate engineering processes to improve the quality, accuracy, consistency, and delivery time. Automation can help to improve the efficiency of engineering processes by reducing the need for manual intervention.

NEL is dedicated to transforming engineering processes by adopting automation techniques with the aim of enhancing quality, precision, consistency, and delivery speed. Automation plays an essential role in improving the efficiency of engineering procedures by minimizing the requirement for manual intervention.
Digital Twin:
A digital twin refers to a computer-generated replica of an industrial facility, structure, or machinery. These virtual duplicates serve the purpose of visualizing, monitoring, and enhancing the performance of tangible assets. Additionally, they facilitate the simulation of various scenarios and the experimentation of novel concepts. Digital twin plays a pivotal role in bolstering operational efficiency through a multitude of means. For instance, they enable the early detection of potential issues, optimize production procedures, refine maintenance schedules, and minimize downtime.

NEL excels in the field of engineering pertaining to application of digital twin philosophy. Our accomplished team of engineers are proficient in assisting client with the development and utilization of digital twin to enhance the efficiency of client assets. NEL possesses the capability to construct digital replicas for individual physical assets, such as offshore platforms, as well as create comprehensive digital twins for dispersed assets like wind and solar farms or mine sites.
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