ADMA-OPCO Awards the Zakum Central Super Complex De-mothballing contract to NPCC

Published Date : 01, Jun 2010

Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) has awarded an EPC contract to National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) to carry out the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) works for the Zakum Central Super Complex (ZCSC) Demothballing Project. The contract is valued at $ 350 million.

The agreement was signed today at ADMA-OPCO Headquarters by Ali Al-Jarwan, ADMA-OPCO General Manager and Aqeel Madhi NPCC CEO.

"It's our pleasure to have NPCC with us in this complicated project which is the largest we will do since sometime. The project will require maximum attention in terms of quality and HSE.

"In this particular project NPCC have demonstrated their competitive edge in terms of pricing, schedule and willingness to do the project and we assure them of our maximum cooperation to do the job successfully,"said Al-Jarwan

Aqeel Madhi said: "We thank ADMA-OPCO for giving us this opportunity. It's an honor for us at NPCC to handle this important job. It's not easy… it's complicated, but since we have been working together and we have great cooperation.. we will definitely succeed.

"As this is a brownfield project .. a lot of challenges are there but our objectives are definitely common. We want to complete the project to the best of ADMA-OPCO's satisfaction. Most importantly, HSE will top this because there will be a lot of interaction between the operators as well as the project team. I would like to express our commitment to do our usual best and even better."

The ZCSC Demothballing Project is part of overall ADMA Lower Zakum 100 MBD programme aimed at enhancing the oil production capacity from Zakum Field progressively from the year 2012 onwards. In order to achieve the additional surface facilities required for this objective, ADMA-OPCO is de-mothballing and re-commissioning the production facilities at the Zakum Central Super Complex, which were shutdown and subsequently mothballed in the early 1980's.

The scope of work comprises: detailed engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up assistance for major complex brown field works on Zakum Central Complex & a new accommodation platform (NAP) comprising an 80 bed living quarters module.

The NAP module which weighs approximately 3500MT will be installed by float over technique. It also consists of installation of Five Boat Landings on piles and a bridge connecting the main ZCSC complex with the new accommodation module.The Overall Projects is scheduled for completion in 30 months from the contract effective date of 1st April 2010.