Contract Information

Q. Is the work location within city limits?

A. NMDC Energy main offices are within the industrial area of Abu Dhabi, located some 35 Kms. outside city center. The work location will depend on the nature of the post.

Q. How many working hours are there per week?

A. Forty-eight (48) per week.

Q. Are income taxes applicable in Abu Dhabi?

A. Income taxes are not applicable in Abu Dhabi.


Cost of Goods

Q. What is the cost of cars both new and second hand?

A. The cost of cars is cheaper in the UAE than in most countries.Cars are significantly cheaper than in the UK and slightly cheaper than in North America.

Q. Are goods readily available?

A. Several supermarkets, malls & stores cater to different requirements of nationals of the Middle East, US, Europe & the Indian sub-continent. Costs are reasonable and variety is quite diversified.

Q. Are medicines readily available?

A. Yes, almost all medical supplies are readily available in town.


Family Information

Q. Can my family travel with me?

A. Yes, however all documentation must be in order (ie. Passport copies, marriage certificates, birth certificates,(require attestation), etc. and subject to having the required entry visas.

Q. Can my wife work?

A . Yes, however she may find that opportunities are limited in her field and that the pay is lower than what she would receive in her home country. She will need a letter from you giving her permission to work.

Q. Can my wife drive?

A. Yes. Depending on her country of origin, she may or may not have to take a driving test. She needs your permission to drive.

Q. What are the schooling options for my children?

A. Various schooling options are available covering different curriculums and programs of study.

Q. Is medical care readily available?

A. Several hospitals and clinics cater for all medical conditions. Medical care is of an acceptable level.


Important Documents

Q. How do I go about the notarisation/attestation of documents?

A. Take your documesnts to the nearest notary public. Then take the documents to the UAE embassy to be attested. The notary certifies that the document is genuine. The embassy attests that the notary is a qualified notary in that particular Province/State/Country.

Q. Is an international driving applicable in the U.A.E.?

A. Only when visiting the U.A.E. on a visit visa. In case you have a valid driving license, bring the original with you as it might be assist you in obtaining a local driving license.