NMDC Energy considers its human capital to be its most important and valuable asset. It strives to continually provide its employees with the latest training and career development programs to improve their efficiency, expertise and fulfill their career potential.

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) develops the leadership abilities and soft skills of the Company's high potential employees; so as to increase the knowledge base and the skills of the Company's current and future senior management team.

NMDC Energy has identified its future leaders and has established a program with Ashridge Business School for them. In addition to the Ashridge program, NMDC Energy also organizes leadership events for these individuals to facilitate their further development.

The Career Development Program (CDP) aims to develop the skills and knowledge base of the young Emirati graduates joining NMDC Energy. The CDP is a 5-year development program.

NMDC Energy believes in contributing to the wellbeing and welfare of its employees and society. The Company has undertaken various CSR related initiatives; the latest of which is sponsoring Emirati students and participating in several charity marathons to support humanitarian cases such as fighting cancer and eliminating poverty.