NMDC Energy procurement team consists of 300 highly qualified procurement professionals, working centrally out of Abu Dhabi and supported globally by its network of offices and affiliates of expeditors and inspectors, procuring worth billions of dollars, to satisfy the needs of NMDC Energy and its clients.

It manages all types of requests - whether an engineered equipment for the project, or an off-shelf item is needed for the operations of the company, or the engagement of a specialized consultant that would optimize value for its clients,

The tendering cycle is managed with transparency and full compliance with laws, regulations and client requirements, thus maintaining the integrity of the process. The team uses state-of-the-art technology tools to reach out to the global market, enhance competitiveness and share information with stakeholders. Tenders are issued and the vendor database is continuously being enriched utilizing advanced web-based tools. Other tools enable control over progress monitoring, inspections, material movement and inventory control at our central stores or site-specific remote stores.

Suppliers/ vendors whose products and services meet our requirements can get registered with us.
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