NPCC focuses on female Emiratisation

Published Date : 09, Jun 2011

In line with the Government's drive to boost Emiratisation, National Petroleum Construction Company, or NPCC, has taken a lead role in creating job opportunities and providing the appropriate career development plans to attract and retain UAE Nationals in the challenging and demanding sector.

Whilst the initial drive for Emiratisation focused predominantly on male graduates, Abu Dhabi's engineering and procurement and construction company is attracting an increasing number of female UAE staff, who is actively contributing to the various technical, commercial and administrative departments within NPCC.

In a recently, NPCC's Chairman, Hussain Jassem Al Nowais stated that 50per cent of the Executive Management Team at NPCC are Emiratis, and the target is to increase this to 75 per cent by 2012/2013. The total number of UAE Nationals has almost doubled in the last year to reach almost 200, including 30 female staff.