NPCC Diving services is one of the main assistance operation in offshore constructions installation procedures, Diving Division carries mobilization of personal and equipment onboard Barges/ Vessels, prepare Diving related procedures and assist to comply & meet client requirements during inspection and close out reports

Diving division carries out all kind of subsea inspections, survey and installation work scopes by the mean of air supply service like:

  • Stinger check
  • Anchor survey
  • Spud can survey
  • Seabed survey
  • Seabed survey
  • Seabed survey
  • Hull inspections
  • Pipeline surveys
  • Pipeline subsea repairs
  • Pipeline testing
  • Pipeline removal
  • Riser clamps installations
  • Riser inspections
  • Riser installations
  • Jacket inspections
  • Pre-jacket installation survey
  • Jacket installation
  • Jacket cleaning
  • Jacket repair, construction and demolition
  • Pile removal
  • Anode installation and inspection
  • Tie-in spool installation
  • Free span correction
  • PLEM installation
  • SBM installation
  • SPM installation
  • Air lifting operations
  • Sleeper installation
  • Mattresses and grout bags installation operations
  • Inspection